About Us

The Way It Should Be

Our name Phoenix means "rising from the ashes". Having all worked together previously, we realised that the industry was in need of a fresh and vibrant approach to keep up with the changing times. So Phoenix Birds and Aquatics came to be.


We strive to provide high-quality, affordable products with knowledgeable staff to make sure your finned or feathered friend gets what's best for them.

Of course, we sell birds and fish but, we also provide a wide range of products and services that go above and beyond the competition to make sure you get the best service possible.

We stock a large range of high-quality

products best suited to your needs.

Everything from bird and fish supplies

to ponds, fish tanks, bird cages and aviaries. Our garden section offers  a variety of plants, pots, giftware and other items to give your outdoor living space that little something extra.

All our staff share a passion for animals and have many years of experience in keeping and breeding birds and fish. After years of working in the industry we saw an opportunity to offer people in the north-eastern suburbs of Perth an alternative to other bird and aquarium retail outlets, by combining the two.

After some time in the making Phoenix Birds and Aquatics is now opening its doors and we are very proud to have set-up our showroom in a modern and unique building.  


Located on Great Eastern Highway in Bellevue, a stones throw away from Midland,  you'll find us  just off 
Roe Highway on your way to the hills. 

Come visit us!
We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Meet the Team


Jason's passion for birds began at a very young age when his mother brought home a large cage with six Budgies and two Zebra Finches. From that moment onwards he was hooked.  His career first took him to the health industry, where he trained and managed employees for several years. But with his passion for animals, and having kept and bred many different species of birds and fish over the last 30 + years, he felt a calling to work in the pet industry and started making that move in 2008. With a green thumb and an eye for detail, he also studied horticulture and has now decided to combine all of his interests by opening Phoenix Birds and Aquatics. 


Jarrad's interest in animals began at a very young age. He has worked in the pet industry his whole working career and having owned his own pet shop several years ago, he is a wealth of knowledge. Jarrad has a great passion for birds and over the last few years he has succeeded in keeping and breeding an array of tropical and cold water fish. With his great connections in the animal industry he is a real asset to our team. 


Tanita's love of birds started with her first pet cockatiel. She has worked in the industry for a few years and has shown a great passion for hand raising. She has a wonderful collection of pet birds and is the person to speak to about how to train and stimulate your feathered friends. It is our pleasure to have Tanita as part of our team.

Our Volunteers

Phoenix Birds and Aquatics is very grateful for the hard work our friends have contributed to make our dream a reality. They give their time and dedication so freely and we will always appreciate their efforts and continued support.

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